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Lefkada 's Projects

Version: 1.00a
Downloads: 807
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: reimu, cave, junko, locaa

This game was a fangame made for LoCaA#8 contest. All stuffs belong to their respective owners. All musics belong to their respective owners. Touhou and all characters belong to ZUN. Thanks to RaysonWillam for his music G Free ~ Primordial Dream (used as unused boss music). *:*:*:*:*:*...

Version: 1.00b
Downloads: 504
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: nansei, satsujin fuan, hitori

Unvalid entry for RaNGE15 contest. It's an halloween temed boss fight against Satsujin Fuan from Lenk64's Nansei series. With also a Hito midboss fight. Sorry for script and danmaku quality. I miss time at the end and I rushed it before the 31th october end. edit: New version with some v...

Version: rainbow
Downloads: 368
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3

LoCCA7 entry. I'm so sorry for that :'(

Version: v_something.old
Downloads: 1369
Category: Player
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: sakuya, reimu, marisa, player, sanae, youmu, heroine, lefkada

Pack of the five main Touhou playable characters. Theses scripts are a bit old and can be not very well scripted and not balanced for all bosses scripts. But they are cool.

Version: v1.0d
Downloads: 589
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: range, icm, incident causer mayhem, konngara

Finaly my entry for the RaNGE 12 contest. It was my first real realse on ph3 so it not as good as my LettyXLily script.

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