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Author: Lefkada
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: reimu, cave, junko, locaa
Last updated at: July 3 2016, 09:00 PM
File Size: 46.3 MB
Downloads: 1113

This game was a fangame made for LoCaA#8 contest.

All stuffs belong to their respective owners.
All musics belong to their respective owners.
Touhou and all characters belong to ZUN.

Thanks to RaysonWillam for his music G Free ~ Primordial Dream (used as unused boss music).


Gameplay Stuff:

+This game feature an HyperMode system. Fill the HyperMeter on the left on the screen by grazing bullets and collecting items.
When at least one level of the meter is full, you can unleash HyperMode by pressing "C".
Fill the first level (blue) to double the score give by items.
Fill the second level (green) to gain a spell fragment.
Fill the third level (purple) to gain a life fragment.
Your power increase at each level. It is also greatly increased during HyperMode. Autobomb is also activated when you are on this mode.

When you realse HyperMode, nearby bullets are canceled and turned into Gold Items. All bullets canceled during HyperMode will be turned into Gold Iems.
When HyperMode ends, nearby bullets are canceled to. They are turned into Blue Items. All bullets canceled out of HyperMode will be turned into Blue Items.
Blue items increase your General Score.
Gold items increase your Score Value

During HyperMode, you can cancel it before its end by pressing "C". You will recover 1/3 of the remaining HyperMeter.

+In this game, the patterns are the same for each game mode.
On Easy Mode, you will have infinite lives.
On Normal Mode, autobomb is alwas activated.
On Hard Mode, you can only rely on your own skill.

Good Luck player.


v1.00a: Slight change on items.