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Author: Lefkada
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: halloween, remilia, koakuma, extra
Last updated at: November 14 2016, 08:48 PM
File Size: 26.8 MB
Downloads: 1162

Someone says "It's Halloween, everything can happen". And yes, it happen. I finally finished my Koakuma Extra boss... started more than 2 yers ago when I started on ph3. And it's a perfect day to close this spooky natsy evil fight.
Forgive me for some mehish patterns, a lot of them are already 2 years old. I hope you'll enjoy it (or not *w*).


This script features a Koakuma Ex boss fight and Remilia Midboss with 6 new players (3 players and 2 shot type for each).


Replays seems to be heavily broken. Please, avoid registering them and sorry for that. I'm still working on this issue.

You may also have some FPS drops on three last spells. And I'm working on it too.


Touhou characters belong to ZUN.
Musics are from Umineko Serie.
Reimu's & Marisa's portraits are from ULiL and belong to Moe Harukawa .
Sanae's, Remilia's and Koakuma's portaits belong to Baba Seimaizyo.
Other stolen stuff belong to their respective owners.
Video by CreepyNinja.
Thanks to MotK people.


Thank you for playing.