Touhou Danmaku Arena

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Touhou danmaku Arena is an old DNH0.12m fangame from 2013 never released on the official danmakufu community.
Initially, it was a single stage script made for a game jam on it's lasts hours. And then, it turned into an actual full game.

As it name suggest, it's a weird concept of an arena shooter mixed with standard Touhou danmaku. You can shoot in eight directions and must deal with waves of enemies coming from scattered spots all arround the screen and well known bosses.
The game came with nine stages and a unique, crescent difficulty. Easy on the firsts stages, harder on the lasts.

This version fixed one major flaw of the game. Now, you can use a flash-bomb instead of no bomb system at all. The flash-bomb must recharge after each use. The more you use it, the longer it take to recharge.
Some bad design idea were fixed too, like the infamous 1-life special stage or the boss rush, now providing harder versions of the bosses.

This game is not has good and pretty as the recent fangames but please, take note that it's an 8 year old fangame (and my first danmakufu game), from an era where full fangame were rare, especially on the western side.
I hope you will enjoy it anyway!

The game is provided with danmakufu 0.12m as the game is also opened to non danmakufu user and everyone may not have it.
If it's your first time playing a Danmakufu 0.12m game, please, read the read-me.