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Author: Trickysticks
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: trickysticks, okina matara, and knuckles, shrines and youkai, script festival
Last updated at: December 22 2018, 10:11 PM
File Size: 37.5 MB
Downloads: 224

(All of my scripts must be Trickysticks' X Thing due to having MegamanOmega meme value. Please understand.)

This is an updated version of my entry to the 2018 Shrines and Youkai Script Festival. Shrines and Youkai is a Touhou-centric RP server that I'm the owner of, and what better way to show off my characters than by making danmaku for them?

The original entry contained two (fairly rushed) stages.

"Oh no. It's winter when it shouldn't be. Again. Okina Matara is mad that someone took her idea, so she tries to fix it herself."

The Summer Snow Incident is a 3-stage "game". The only difficulty available is what I'll call "Harder than Normal" - Normal Mode players should be able to clear it with some practice and perseverance, while Hard Mode players should be able to clear it with some ease. I have futureā„¢ plans to include difficulties, but if you really want to play it now and you find it too difficult, never fear! I've left some debug keys enabled that will allow you to cheat your merry way to completion.

I: Turn on invincibility
U: Turn off invincibility
H: Reduce current lifebar's health by 1/10 (boss only)
K: Kill current lifebar outright (boss only)
F: Set the player's life count to 69

These debug keys do NOT get saved to replays. If you want to save a replay, do it legitimately.

Gain lives by picking up point items. The first two extends are fairly easy to obtain, but the last one may require some PoCing and use of releases to gather items. All stages, bosses, and individual patterns can be practiced by navigating to the appropriate stage folder and selecting that pattern.

I've included a Credits.txt with all sorts of information about where I got my resources from. Check it out and give the original composers a listen if you really like certain songs.

To contact me, you can add Trickysticks#8218 on Discord.

December 22 Patch: Made Okina faster. Various tweaks.