The Martial Lord of Loyalty (LOCAA 7)

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/*~ Welcome to my first POSTED boss script! ~*/

For LOCAA 7: Outsider Occupation! Where we take a non-bullet hell character that's not from touhou and make a battle out of him-slash-her-slash-it-slash-whatever.

This script was inspired by Extra Credits' Extra History on the Korean Naval General
Admiral Yi Soon-Shin, The Martial Lord of Loyalty

I was aiming for a Len'en three-difficulty-extra setting with a bit more of a difficult "Easy" (Basically, TresserT)
(Especially because I wanna see people suffer in Absurdly Extra XD . Wow that sounds sadistic even to my standards)

I also aimed to do some dialogue and a last LAST spell but due to time constraints (and sheer procrastination on my end) I was not able to do this. Yet.

Anyway, ENJOY!

For critiques, please visit me on Skype (@mahran-gaberson) or MOTK(@Gaberson19)

/*-- --- -----Credits----- --- --*/

Touhou Belongs to ZUN / Team Shanghai Alice
Cut-ins and danmaku made by me (Mr. Gaberson) // Also, sorry if the spriting looks bad, it's my first time actually doing sprites
Cut-in functions - gtbot
Background from RPG Maker Vx Ace
Spell background made by Kupogames (Edited with [Photoshop CS6 for copywright reasons)
Bloom Visual Effects - Darkwalker247
CTC Expanded Shotsheet - Darkness1
Players - Lefkada
SFX and VFX images from various sources and ZUN

*Insert everything I forgot to mention here because I'm lazy*

Music Used:
The Whirlwind of Seven Evil Samurais - yosiyosi

// Special thanks (tutorials and how to's) -- --- -----
Sparen (A lot of the basics and beginner-to-intermideate guide)
Helepolis (for entry level Danmakufu scripting)

/*-- --- ----- **** ----- --- --*/