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A set of functions and tasks for tweening.
- linear
- smoothstep
- smootherstep
- acceleration
- deceleration
- overshoot

- Linear(a, b, x)
- Smoothstep(a, b, x)
- Smootherstep(a, b, x)
- Acceleration(a, b, x)
- Deceleration(a, b, x)
- Overshoot(a, b, x, magnitude)
- MoveLinear(object, x, y, time)
- MoveSmooth(object, x, y, time)
- MoveSmoother(object, x, y, time)
- MoveAcceleration(object, x, y, time)
- MoveDeceleration(object, x, y, time)
- MoveOvershoot(object, x, y, time, magnitude)
- Interpolate(a, b, x, method) - method can be one of the following: LINEAR, ACCELERATION, DECELERATION, SMOOTH, SMOOTHER, OVERSHOOT, OVERSHOOT_MINOR, OVERSHOOT_MAJOR

Version 3: Changed all the Move functions to use ObjRender functions instead of ObjMove so they are actually useful, capitalized all functions correctly, and added a general Interpolate function for all methods.