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Author: darkwalker247
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: survival, generation, random, yuyuko, yandere, senpai, rampage, generated, procedural, rush
Last updated at: January 31 2016, 11:19 AM
File Size: 3.85 MB
Downloads: 874

Yuyuko caught Youmu cheating on her, and now she's on a rampage! Stop her!

Clear 20 spell cards that Yuyuko thinks up on the spot, restart to get a new set of 20.
This script is not meant to be serious, it's merely a silly tech demo.

gtbot for cutin library and cutin-/spelltext-related graphics
ZUN for the Yuyuko sprites and original song
Yuyuko for the spell designs
Everything else that doesn't come with Danmakufu is mine

Version 2: added a 1/5 chance of 2 for the time spacing parameter, for more variety and less quick easy bursts.
Version 3: replaced the song with a slightly less bad one.
Version 4: readjusted parameters, added simple pattern movement, and changed the shot sheet to my Bloom 3 16x16 shots.
Version 5: replaced some of the effects with my WIP StellarFX effects, which look better.
Version 6: changed lots of parameters, removed the messy cutin portrait, and improved the turning pattern.