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Author: darkwalker247
Category: Library
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: functions, effects, explosion, focus, shockwave, library, yakumo, kitsune, darkwalker, dark, ran
Last updated at: January 30 2016, 11:43 PM
File Size: 93.2 KB
Downloads: 873

My PH3 effects library (going to be ported to my my own engine later), though I don't mind if anyone uses it or whatever.

Plop the BFX folder somewhere in your project then #import the BFX.dnh file wherever you need the functions and make sure to call BFX_Init() -ONCE- before any other function in the library (E.G. before loading scripts in a plural script).

BFX_Init() - Initiate the system; use once before anything else.
BFX_Explosion(x,y,radius,time) - Explosion with particles and shockwave rings.
BFX_Charge(x,y,radius,time) - Charge effect, consisting of particles flowing towards the center and rotating light beams.
BFX_Release(x,y,radius,time) - Slow and controlled release of particles with light beams -- good for use right before an explosion at the end of a boss script.
BFX_SetGraphics(particle,ring,lightbeams) - Change the graphics used for effects if you don't want the defaults.

Animated screenshot:
(Shows Focus, Release, and Explosion, in that order)