Author: bagoum
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: 0.12m
Tags: reimu, junko, yukari, bha, bagoum, danmokou
Last updated at: October 30 2020, 04:44 AM

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This is a minor project for a contest. The theme is "two bosses that make an unlikely pairing". However, the second most voted for theme was a joke script. So I did both.
I have placed the following design restrictions on the cards:
- The first boss fires only Border of Wave and Particle.
- The second boss fires no bullets.

Version 2 rebuilds the project in a traditional Touhou viewport and adds a bullet time mechanic (hold X anytime when the meter is yellow).

The art on the Junko sidebars is by Ruunyan: (see the MV it was used in:
The art on the Yukari sidebars is this art by meola: , as well as

Troubleshooting notes:
- If your computer is shit, turn shaders off.
- If you can't see the bullets or they're all stuck in the center of the screen, turn legacy renderer on.
- If you have resolved the above two issues and this script is still running slow, then drop the resolution and question your life decisions.

Please contact me (Bagoum) on Discord for feedback or anything else. I'm on the Bulletforge server and the BHE server. My username is Bagoum#4773 .

This game is built in **Danmokou**, a danmaku (bullet hell) engine in C# for Unity. It is free (as in free speech) software, licensed under MIT. The source code is on Github:
See the COPYING and COPYING.SiMP files in this folder, or in the source code, for licenses on third party assets.


- Fire: Hold Z
- Bullet Time: Hold X
- Focus: Hold Shift
- Move: Arrow keys
- Pause: Esc
- Confirm: Z
- Back/Skip: X

Controller controls (tested with an XBox controller):

- Fire: Hold LT (Hold Axis 9)
- Focus: Hold RT (Hold Axis 10)
- Change firing direction: Right joystick (Axis 4 (X) and 5 (Y))
- Move: Left joystick (LR/UD axis) or DPad (Axis 6 (X) and 7 (Y))
- Pause: Start (Button 7)
- Confirm: A (Button 0)
- Back/Skip: B (Button 1)