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Author: bagoum
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: simp, danmokou, bagoum, ph4, mima, full, mokou, game
Last updated at: September 19 2020, 06:59 AM
File Size: 97.8 MB
Downloads: 280

This is Spirits in Memetic Paradise, the first major project from team 3Hu Waiting Room.
It is a five-stage game (but longer than your average Touhou) with an extra stage.
Make sure to play the tutorial!

v2.0.3: Replays, new shot types, and most importantly: items spin!
v1.5.2: Balance improvements (esp. for Kasen).
v1.5: Game feel improvements-- enemies feel much less tanky now-- and some telegraphing improvements.
v1.4.5: Sound and visibility adjustments.
v1.4.2: Difficulty adjustments, also support for some key rebindings (ping me in Discord for details).

3Hu Waiting Room is composed of:
- Bagoum (design/programming/art)
- Miles Yalzin (music)
- Luminous (player sprites)

Please contact me (Bagoum) on Discord for feedback or anything else. I'm on the Bulletforge server and the BHE server. My username is Bagoum#4773 .

This game is built in **Danmokou**, a danmaku (bullet hell) engine in C# for Unity. It is free (as in free speech) software, licensed under MIT. The source code is on Github:
See the COPYING and SiMP.COPYING files in this folder, or in the source code, for licenses on third party assets.

Controls (PLAY THE TUTORIAL!!!):

- Fire: Hold Z/ Toggle X
- Focus: Hold Shift/ Toggle Space
- Change firing direction: WASD
- Move: Arrow keys
- Pause: Esc
- Confirm: Z
- Back/Skip: X
- Alt+Enter to switch fullscreen or windowed (Let me know if you have trouble with fullscreen)
- Alt+F4 to exit

Note: Alt+Enter/Alt+F4 are Windows shortcuts. I do not know the equivalents for Mac/Linux.

Controller controls (tested with an XBox controller):

- Fire: Hold LT/ Toggle LB (Hold Axis 9/ Toggle Button 4)
- Focus: Hold RT/ Toggle RB (Hold Axis 10/ Toggle Button 5)
- Change firing direction: Right joystick (Axis 4 (X) and 5 (Y))
- Move: Left joystick (LR/UD axis) or DPad (Axis 6 (X) and 7 (Y))
- Pause: Start (Button 7)
- Confirm: A (Button 0)
- Back/Skip: B (Button 1)