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Author: Akakyu
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: contest, aya, suika, locaa 8
Last updated at: July 3 2016, 11:35 PM
File Size: 30.9 MB
Downloads: 1026

This entry was made for the 8th LoCAA Contest : Pure Gensokyo, by yours truly.
It has a total of 4 non-spells and 6 spells, as well as 2 difficulties : Normal and Lunatic.

Credits :

Touhou Project and its characters are made by ZUN
Music : "The Night Flight Longed-for" (憧るナイトフライト) by しゃわ and "Trepassing the Barrier of Conceivability ~ Restored Power" by Akakyu
Cut-In image by Dairi
Pictures by Dairi and many images from Google
Backgrounds by ZUN
Sprites by ZUN
All Star Shotsheet by ExPorigon
MoF Reimu Player by TalosMistake
Functions by TalosMistake, Lunarethic, kirbio, gtbot, Ultima, neito and many others...
Special Thanks to Meowstick for providing me the sprites and background pictures, as well as Kirbio for helping me fixing some bugs !

Thank you for playing !

Ver 1.00a :
Script's release.

Ver 1.00b :
- Dialogue bug fix
- Added character titles during dialogues
- Added a fancy background for the survival
- Some changes during the stage (bullet types, nerfs)
- Aya's nonspell is faster in Normal
- Suika's 3rd spell has a longer laser delay
- Suika's last spell has changed bullet types