Author: Akakyu
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: usami, boss, extra, phantasm, overdrive, sumireko, akakyu
Last updated at: January 3 2016, 02:12 AM

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An Extra Boss battle, starring Sumireko Usami from Touhou 14.5, Urban Legend in Limbo.
She has 8 non-spells and 10 spellcards.
3 difficulties :
- Extra : equivalent to Normal Mode
- Phantasm : equivalent to Lunatic Mode
- Overdrive : a "Spell Rush" mode, where you face every Overdrive version of the Spellcards, with infinite lives and no Non-Spells.

Touhou Project and its characters are made by ZUN
Music : Akakyu
Cut-In image by Harukawa Moe
Pictures by Dairi and many images from Google
Background by Kirbio, Lunarethic and Akakyu
CtC style sprite by Kirbio
All Star Shotsheet by ExPorigon
Functions by TalosMistake, Lunarethic, kirbio, gtbot, Ultima, neito and many others.
Special Thanks to Kirbio, Lunarethic, Miransu Uwabami, Ultima and TresserT who helped me a lot with functions and other stuff ~

Enjoy !

V 1.00 : Script's release.
V 1.01 : - Made the script a bit more fair to blind playthroughs :
Spellcards 2, 4, 5, 7, and 8
- Made some attacks' gimmick a bit more clearer :
Spellcards 5 and 7 have been edited.
- Fixed some lag during the survival :
Spellcard 9 has been edited.
- Fixed a bug where sound effects were still playing after the boss's defeat during the final spell :
Spellcard 10 has been edited