Author: Adam
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Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: touhou, fangame, usami, ex, sumireko, chaos, violet, detector, vd, comatose, photo
Last updated at: October 20 2018, 02:46 PM

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Violet Detector EX is a Touhou fan-game heavily inspired from Touhou 16.5.
Violet Detector EX aims to improve on gameplay aspects that were frowned upon the official game, as well as implementing additional gimmicks to the game that were missing.
The game serves as an extra story to the original, and features a new story, new returning(?) bosses and all-new danmaku!... and memes, lots of memes.

The demo of the game was created in 30 days by a team of six members.
Please read the provided readme.txt for any questions and information regarding our team and the game itself.

Disclaimer: The changes to the title only apply on the Bulletforge page. We will implement the title changes and new content when the full game arrives! Thank you for your patience!