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Author: 7636kei
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: 0.12m
Tags: contest, yuuka, kazami, icm, yuukarin, incident causer mayhem
Last updated at: November 24 2014, 12:18 AM
File Size: 6.03 MB
Downloads: 772

*/ Incident Causer Mayhem contest entry

*) Deleted an unused audio file, resulting in a smaller size.
(Behind the scene: I planned her to do some sparking good, but the difficulty of balancing made me scrap it off.)
Also, there's some slight reorganization (the boss file is on top instead of the bottom where it was in v1.00). The patterns should still be identical, though.

*) First release. This stuff comes in two difficulties (Easy and Normal *gotta admit I'm an easy modo player before things get out of hand ^^;*)

Danmakufu is not included in the package. However, simply extracting this to the script folder should do.

Oota "ZUN" Jun'ya: character
Hirasawa Susumu: BGM (In case you're wondering, it's his 'High Minded Castle' on the background; in my defense, however, Hirasawa-sensei has released HMC for free download at ^^;), as well as ideas for *several* spell names (I know, I've became a 'bone horse' long before I know Touhou)
baka36: shot sheet
dairi: cut-in
socha: sprite
asaaaaahi: spell background