Author: Jean Fox
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: ph3, danmakufu, treasure castle labyrinth, extra stage, miyako yahouou
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Author: Jean Fox
Category: Stage
Version: ver2.50
- New Dialogue (by Eshi)
- Fixed Patterns
- Added Title Images for Bosses (by Naudiz)
- Bugs Fixed

How to open Ultra Mode?
Collect 10 Coins in game! Only big fairies spawn them.
Cutin library - by GtBot
Reimu and Marisa - by Plasmaflame22
Image rips - by Drake
Character designer - D.byte
Composer -
Special Thanks:
Please contact us, if you notice some bugs/lags.
Also contacnt us if you have complains or prefers.

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