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Author: XutaWoo
Category: Player
Danmakufu Version: 0.12m
Tags: player, yuuka
Last updated at: May 21 2013, 03:28 AM
File Size: 375 KB
Downloads: 1761

A player script for Danmakufu, Yuuka the flower youkai has joined the fray!

Currently, two shot types.


Heavy Spread Type
Flower Sign "Gensokyo's Flower Field"

How heavy is the spread? So heavy that you can hit almost the entire screen while at the bottom and unfocused!
It's a real normal shot otherwise, as your flower options try to keep to your position instead of lagging behind or swirling around.
Still, it does incredibly heavy damage at point-blank, so if you're good a manuvering slow characters you can make good use of Yuuka's power.

Flower Sign "Noble Bloom"

Yuuka-A's bomb, it's rather simple. A rather large flower barrier sprouts around you, rending all that get caught in it. Powerful, but Yuuka's slow speed makes it difficult to use offensively unless you were already close to your opponent.


Aimed Instant Penetration Type
Light Sign "Command Sun"

Mouthful, isn't it?
A single flower option sits in front of you, shooting a laser and some regular shots. However, it doesn't keep sitting there, as it'll aimed towards where you're moving, allowing you to pick a safe spot as long as you have enough room to fiddle with your aim.
As per usual, keeping focused will lock the option's angle. As well, while unfocused your shot will aim with the flower, giving the shot some more power as it's hard to keep a lock on in that state.

Power Sign "Solar Powered Master Spark"

She did make the original, after all! Yuuka's Master Spark is made out of thrice the amount of lasers, compared to Marisa's. However, her spark is actually a bit less powerful than Marisa's, oddly. Less coverage and damage. Then again, Yuuka does get three compared to Marisa's two, so maybe she's just taking it easy (she is).