Author: WishMakers
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: touhou, extra, shion, mod, joon, yorigami, fake, leak
Last updated at: May 7 2021, 07:43 PM

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Unconnected Marketeers' Extra stage got leaked early, huh?

1. Copy all your Touhou 18 TRIAL files (more specifically, th18.exe, th18tr.dat, and thbgm_tr.dat + custom.exe if you want it) into the game
2. Run UM_extra.exe. This launches the thcrap patch that applies my fake Extra mod onto the game.
In case there's any concerns about this launcher, I used a near identical exe in my Mitori mod patch, and I've provided the source code.
3. You're done! No more dumb scripts like the old release.

1. Follow step 1 of the v1.0 instructions.
2. Right click inside the folder, and click "Open PowerShell Window here".
3. Type in:
-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File ./UM_extra.ps1
and press Enter. This loads the thcrap launcher with the proper repo.

This method is left in case you'd like to run the previous version and/or record a replay. The changes aren't major, but
I figured it was worth leaving in.

If you'd like to see the PowerShell script internals, feel free to check them with a text editor.
You also may not necessarily need to bypass the execution policy in your PowerShell depending on your existing settings.

Wish - programming and shizz
Adam - dialogue revision, pattern help
daisymels - Boss portraits
GreenDinobot - Boss sprites
Yoiyami - Stage theme (thank you for permission to use it!)
Roka Enzaki - Boss theme

This isn't a full game, this is a modification using the actual game as a base. I do not distribute assets of ZUN's in my patch - this is used as a layer over the original game and I do not condone obtaining the game outside of official channels to be able to use it.
I'm not certain how game modifications fall under ZUN guidelines, if they are accounted for at all, but if I am requested to take down the download then I am willing to do so.