Author: WishMakers
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: marisa, ufo, lotus, alice, margatroid, night, byakuren, hijiri, kirisame, card, murasa, minamitsu, shou, toramaru, ph3sx, unconnected, ucc, captors, chimata, imperishable
Last updated at: July 4 2021, 06:35 PM

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Made specifically for the Unconnected Card Captors contest:

I've been dying to make a Byakuren script for so long that I finally caved and thought of ideas for one. I hope this is the only actual Danmakufu script I'll need to make.

Comes packaged with Ferase's IN players (specifically Magic Team):

Wish (hey that's me): Programming, concepts
Music by M2U, Sound Sepher, and sunpon
Sound effects, Nameless Path, and system graciously provided by Trickysticks
UNL shot sheet unwittingly provided by Conarnar
HUD numbers provided by Taizen
Custom sx build for idiot-proof menus begrudgingly provided by Naudiz
Light sound effect from FFXIV
Cutins from Touhou Lost Word
Warning graphic from Shuusou Gyoku
CtC Minamitsu, Shou, and Byakuren sprites from ???

TLB coming hopefully before the deadline??? Idk man I only have another day
EDIT v0.99 - lol no that's not happening F for the TLB but it's fine

Version History:

Minor bug fixes
Sound effects added to third non and spell
Changed "Scarlet Fantastica" rotation to actually change since I forgot to use that variable (oops)

Bug fixes

Initial release

Known issues:
Shou crashes (?????)
[FIXED 0.91] Going back in the menu bombs (the player hates SetForbidPlayerSpell if you use it at the start of a stage????)
[FIXED 0.91] Player position not reset after fake menu

Posting the design document here in case you're interested in viewing my creative process, and could be helpful for judging: