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東方実在相 ~ Dream Logical World.は「東方Project」の二次創作シューティングゲームだ。ファンにはおなじみのシューティングのゲームプレイはそのままに、本作では通常のボムに代わって揺れ動く世界を操る力「アスペクトシフト」が登場する。




东方实在相 ~ Dream Logical World 是「东方Project」系列的二次同人创作作品。在这款能够享受爽快射爆体验的游戏中,您将扮演幻想乡的美少女守护者们使用华丽的弹幕击败敌人和BOSS,同时躲避来自敌人同样炫目多彩的弹幕。这一切对于东方众来也许已经是轻车熟路了,但在本作中,您将能够利用现实存在的波动性,用打破现实的相位转换符卡来代替传统的炸弹。本作共有 12 位主角登场,二人一组,每一位角色都有自己独特的「相位转换」符卡,能够带来独特的游戏体验。想要获得高分并且生存至游戏通关,您需要对自己所选择的角色的特殊符卡了如指掌,并且尽可能保持这些符卡的激活状态!



The residents of the fantastic world of Gensokyo have woken up to find that the very fabric of existence has been distorted! Polished diamonds are growing on trees, dirt paths are now made of fancy glass, the distances between landmarks have changed, and even people seem to be behaving differently! To find out what's going on, the defenders of Gensokyo must explore a surreal new world and maybe even learn to bend the rules of reality themselves...

Touhou Jitsuzaisou ~ Dream Logical World (東方実在相 ~ Dream Logical World, lit. "Eastern Aspects of Existence") is a Touhou Project fan game. The shoot-'em-up gameplay, in which you'll shoot down enemies and bosses while dodging complex attacks, will be familiar to fans of the series. In this adventure, though, you'll be able to harness the fluctuating nature of existence with reality-breaking Aspect Shifts in place of traditional bombs. 12 playable characters, arranged in teams of two, all have their own Aspect Shift with a unique gameplay-altering effect. To rack up high scores and survive to the end of the game, you'll need to master your chosen characters' Aspect Shifts and keep them active for as long as you can.

With five difficulty modes, Dream Logical World can be enjoyed by anyone from shoot-'em-up novices to expert players. The game offers several practice options to help you craft your strategies. And for those interested in lore, every team's separate scenario weaves together into a story with many mysteries and twists along the way.