Author: Vigor
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: remilia, plural, flandre, ph3, remi, flan, scarlet
Last updated at: March 17 2015, 01:59 PM

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Well, i'm kinda ran out of ideas and little time to fix this script...
Still consists 3 spells

- Lives from 15 back to 12
- Floor brightness was reduced enough, let me know if it wasn't dark enough...
- All the bullets was rendered to alpha, except lasers, let me know if there are some bullets rendered other than alpha (except laser)
- Second spell, less flandre bullet, more remi bullet, more walling
- Third spell, less bullet, more moving

Special Credits & Thanks
- ZUN : For creating Touhou
- Tasofro : For the "magiccircle" image
- Ozzy/ExPorygon : For creating the AllStarShot script
- Jan Aldryn Bio : For giving me ideas for some pattern (Remilia Stage)
- AJS : For giving me inspiration for dual boss fight (Celestial Showdown)
- Kirbio : For the "library" image i used with (AC 2 : Augmented Magic)
- Talos Mistake : For using his 3D format camera view (Hata no Kokoro Extra Boss Fight)
- Hemogurobin : For creator of the sprite and the character cutin
- LIONHEART : For the music (

The people i noticed at above wasn't directly involved in the script, but i owed them some credits.

Just an additional information, the background floor shared the same pattern with the one in Alice's Wonderland (MS Extra).