Author: Vigor
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: plural, reisen, swr, ph3, hisoutensoku, soku
Last updated at: March 8 2015, 06:26 AM

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Touhou Danmakufu Ph3
status : Finished
Made by Vigor (me)

------------------------Changelog -------------------------------
- Some changes to first and last spell, make it more capture-able i think
- Removing all the unnecessary systems
- Nonspell doesn't give bonus score, bonus score for spell was increased more than before

--------------------Credits & Special Thanks --------------------
ZUN : Background Sprite
Helepolis : ZUNShotScript + Danmakufu Ph3 Tutorial
Ozzy/ExPorygon : ZUNShot Script
TalosMistake : Sound Database + System Script

Hemogurobin (artist) : Boss Boss Sprite + CutIn
BGM1 :
BGM 2 :

------------------------About -------------------------------
Just an Reisen SWR/12.3 danmaku battle style, since there is already a Sakuya SWR danmaku style, so i think about making similar but with my own style

Important Note, i disabled player shot and bomb for first 35 seconds to make sure the audio is synced

Anyway, enjoy the script~