Author: Vigor
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: plural, ph3, lunasa
Last updated at: February 25 2015, 01:47 PM

File Size: 12.5 MB
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Touhou Danmakufu Ph3
status : Discontinued
Made by Vigor (me)

------------------------Changelog -------------------------------

--------------------Credits & Special Thanks --------------------
ZUN : Spell Background Sprite
Helepolis : ZUNShotScript + Danmakufu Ph3 Tutorial
Ozzy/ExPorygon : ZUNShot Script
TalosMistake : Additional Background Effect + Sound Database + System Script

Hemogurobin (artist) : Boss Sprite + Boss CutIn
Background Sprite :

------------------------Q&A -------------------------------
Q : During the start of the script, it seems the boss does nothing for a few seconds, is it a bug?
A : That was on purpose, and that's not a bug

Q : Why do you discontinue this project?
A : I just don't feel like to continue it, i prefer to make another project instead

------------------------About -------------------------------
Just a short boss battle against (rest omitted), with so far 3 nonspells and 2 spells

At first, i was just motivated to enter the CC Contest after playing Kirbio's Entry, but apparently i'm kinda way too late and didn't read that Prismriver Sister can't be used, which turned out to be this script

Anyway, enjoy the script~