Author: Vigor
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: plural, satori, koishi, ph3, komeiji, recollection
Last updated at: March 28 2015, 08:06 AM

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So here's my serious project, compared to my projects from before, those were kinda far below this.

Anyway, actually this is a Satori Recollection Script with Koishi just to add more fun inside it, but something is different (i won't spoil the fun~).

And this script was unfinished, so don't expect much...

Credits and Stuffs are included inside the Script

If you have any idea or suggestion, please let me know.

--- Q&A ---
Q : Is this a dual boss fight like Celestial Showdown or your Scarlet Chain
A : No, it was similar to Talos Mistake's Shout Script, wait i just realized i forgot to put Talos Mistake inside credits... well i already uploade the file so next version i guess... (actually i'm using that script as a format to this script, especially the mid boss script)

Q : Is it me or Koishi animation looks better than Satori?
A : Due to the Koishi sprite has more animation, i make Koishi script based on her animation, like Reflex Radar that used her crouching animation or like taking off her hat when attacking (reference to Koishi HM back dash can attack enemy at the end of dashing)

Q : What are you planning for your next update?
A : Well, more recollection spellcard for sure, other than that i would like to make it into a package script for more neat purpose, and maybe something else...

Q : What about your plan to remake Prismriver and update Reisen Hisouten?
A : I was trying to remake Prismriver, but i can't resist myself to do this satori recollection script and it turned out better than the remake of prismriver... and reisen hisouten... people just don't like it, so i just leave it be...

Q : The fps seems kinda out of place...
A : I was kinda hurried want to post this to Bulletforge until i realized that i forgot to edit the fps, well maybe next version...

--- Need Help (Glitch) ---
For satori script, there was nothing wrong for the first script, but other than that, satori idle animation won't appear (becoming invisible) before doing another animation first...