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Author: Tyltalis
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: 0.12m
Tags: contest, tyltalis, blinded by the light, 6, polaris, shizuha, aki
Last updated at: May 17 2013, 07:37 AM
File Size: 6.57 MB
Downloads: 895

Entry for Danmakufu Contest #6, Blinded by the Light, on the Maidens of the Kaleidoscope forums. Made by me, Polaris.

This script features three standard phases and three spell card attacks.


Phase 1 -
A recreation of part of Shizuha's first phase in Mountain of Faith, with a slight twist. It's very easy to dodge, but it's the first phase, so I didn't really try to make it too hard.

Spell 1 - Momijigari [Leaves Drifting on the Autumn Breeze]
Momijigari (紅葉狩) is a popular Japanese tradition in which people visit areas where the leaves have turned vivid colors for autumn. When I couldn't think of a pattern to use, I looked to PC-98 for inspiration. Some of you may recognize this spell as a pattern that Kurumi uses in Lotus Land Story. Again, it's the first spell, so it's actually very simple, but it does look rather nice.

Phase 2 -
Another recreation, but this time it's the other part of Shizuha's first phase in Mountain of Faith. Originally there were only three layers of dots and one layer of sparkles, but that ended up way easier than I had expected, so I added on a few more, ending up with what I think is an amiable difficulty.

Spell 2 - Turning Leaf [Leaves that Wither Away]
Six lines of bullets are produced, gradually dissipating into a flurry of bullets, which then change directions once more away from Shizuha. The second change is coincidentally well timed with the next wave of bullets. This is probably my least favorite spell card out of the three, because it looks rather dull. I think I should have added a bigger variety of bullets, but I wasn't sure if doing that would keep it balanced.

Phase 3 -
Once again a recreation, this time of Shizuha's second phase in Mountain of Faith, seen only in difficulties Easy and Normal. Leaving just the orange bullets was too easy, so I added a spiral. Somehow the secondary bullets became the bigger danger for the player, while the original ones became more of a decoration.

Spell 3 - Falling Leaves [Leaves Turning Crimson in Madness]
Shizuha's ability in action. It should be easily concluded from the spell card name that this is going to be quite similar to Shizuha's card in Mountain of Faith, Leaf Sign [Falling Leaves of Madness]. You could say that the bullets are similar to that spell card, but the gimmick is entirely different. The only real danger here are the green and red bullets; the others are just decorative.

Edit: Now contains health values that are considerably less stupid!