Luci Di Buenos Aires ~ Patchouli Knowledge

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Luci Di Buenos Aires ~ Patchouli Knowledge Script
Lights of Buenos Aires ~ Patchouli Knowledge Script

~ A strong, magical aura appears throughout the skies and is not only changing the sky's color, but also making the fairies go berserk. Sensing the unusual aura, Reimu goes out to investigate. ~

- Stage of Persistent Fairies
- A Midboss & Boss fight against Patchouli Knowledge
- A MoF Reimu C Player
- A Last Word Spell
- And a Main Menu!

This was supposed to be my LOCCA submission but I never finished it. Decided to take off Koakuma from the script and change it up quite a bit. The name comes from some music song I found catchy and based it all around that. All the nonspells and spells are possible to capture. Some spells require prior knowledge before playing so please play more than once!