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Author: Twizz
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: a, stage, the, extra, of, to, visit, palace, spirit, spirits
Last updated at: January 20 2018, 02:17 AM
File Size: 44.7 MB
Downloads: 850

Marisa goes to visit Satori at the Palace of Spirits. Through her journey fairies are chaotic, spirits are out of control, and Marisa finds a special guest.

-A stage of chaotic fairies
-A spirit out of control
-At least 2 Non-spells and 2 Spellcards
-A tweaked Marisa player by plasmaflame22
-And a special guest

Do note that this stage has the same atmosphere of an actual extra stage. Have enough time to learn the spellcards and their mechanics. Disclaimer: I don't really own anything that includes the music, graphics, or anything except the actual bullet patterns.

Side Note: Music is in-sync with the stage for the most part (up until after the mid-boss). It may get out of sync and is totally normal.

This is a project of mine that I started a while ago at the beginning of December (was supposed to be a Christmas special) but it ended up taking a while and turned into something way different than I initially wanted to. Some of you may recognize the boss and I tried my best to keep them in character (I barely know about the game they're actually in).