Author: ttbd
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: touhou, komachi, onozuka, murasa, minamitsu
Last updated at: September 5 2020, 11:47 PM

File Size: 19.2 MB
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(Note: This script was made using ph3sx, so please make sure to use the .exe included with the script!)

This is my entry for the Bullet Hell Artistry 2 contest, called "Unlikely Allies". The theme of the contest is to use a pair of characters that have never interacted in canon, but share some kind of similarity. I chose Komachi and Minamitsu due to their relation with both boats and spirits.

In total, this script has 3 nonspells and 4 spells; I'd recommend that contest judges play Normal mode, though Lunatic mode is also available for people that want more of a challenge.
Additionally, the script also features starting life/life cap settings in the options menu, in case you find the script too difficult (or you just don't like that the script doesn't have bombs lol).

While it's not required, if you're interested in scoring I'd recommend checking out the Manual within the script's title screen for a somewhat in-depth description of how the scoring system works.

Despite not many bugs were encountered during playtesting, some may have gone unnoticed. If you find any, make sure to let me know!

Normal, Lunatic, ??? (will probably add in a later update if i'm not lazy)

om the nom, Adam - Playtesting
Adam, Mikado - Graphical assets
ZUN - Some various assets, and of course, Touhou Project
DD - Player sprites
Dairi - Character artwork
Terraformer9x - Enemy Shotsheet
Toby Fox, Yousuke Yasui - Music
Danmakufu version ph3sx - Natashi
You - for downloading the script!

If you'd like to contact me, please do so via either:
My Discord account: @ttbd#2319
or, My Twitter account: @TheTTBD

I hope you enjoy the script!

- Fixed a bug when restarting the stage from the continue screen
- Added an infinite lives option (press right when you have 8 starting lives selected)