Author: ttbd
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: sakuya, reimu, marisa, sanae, boss, kirisame, hakurei, izayoi, kochiya, rush, mike, goutokuji, takane, yamashiro, sannyo, komakusa, komakusadayuu, komakusa-dayuu, unconnected, marketeers
Last updated at: April 30 2021, 08:36 PM

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(Note: This script was made using ph3sx, so please make sure to use the .exe included with the script!)

This is a small fangame that me and a friend (Adam) are working on, which has you fight every boss in Unconnected Marketeers (currently demo-only). This naturally includes the card gimmick from said game, and while there's a decent amount of new cards, a majority of the cards from the original game have also been reworked. The shop system has also been reworked, allowing you to buy multiple cards within one shop if you have the money for it.

While it's not required, if you're interested in scoring I'd recommend checking out the Manual within the script's title screen for a somewhat in-depth description of how the scoring system works.

Despite the fact that not many bugs were encountered during playtesting, some may have gone unnoticed. If you find any, make sure to let me know!

om the nom, Tony64 - Playtesting
Adam - Programming
ZUN - Various assets, and of course, Touhou Project
Adam, Mikado, Kirbio, Dairi - Graphical Assets
DD, Terraformer9x - Player Sprites
Terraformer9x - Enemy Shotsheet
Eban, Useless, Williatico - Music
Danmakufu version ph3sx - Natashi
You - for downloading the script!

If you'd like to contact me, please do so via either:
My Discord account: @ttbd#2319 (if you want to contact me on Discord you'll have to be in a server with me though, Bulletforge's server is a good option)
or, My Twitter account: @TheTTBD

I hope you enjoy the script!

- Replaced all character portraits with art by Dairi.

- Fixed Eirin's card. (for real this time)

- Buffed Cirno's card.
- Rebalanced some nonspells and spells.
- Fixed various bugs.

- Initial release.