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Author: Trickysticks
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: sakuya, contest, popular, popularity, 14, popular popularity, trickysticks, izayoi, script, range, rika and nitori's garage experiments, contest #14, sakuya izayoi, izayoi sakuya, idk about tags
Last updated at: August 1 2015, 12:43 AM
File Size: 18.4 MB
Downloads: 801

Hi everyone. Trickysticks here, releasing my entry to RaNGE Contest #14 - Popular Popularity. Where we all pick popular people. Cool Kids would be a relevant song right about now.

The entry contains two difficulties. Original is the difficulty I made first and is akin to Hard. Easier is what I made when I realized I proooobably should add an easier difficulty. It's easier. Somewhat.

A rather nondescript boss fight, no fancy bells and whistles to get you started. Just extract and play. One thing of note: I use a ZUN-style delay effect that may lag on some older (or toaster-er) computers. If you have lag, or just don't like the effect, open the folder and navigate to EDIT ME FOR OPTIONS.txt, and follow the instructions. Tada.