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Author: TresserT
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: popular popularity tres tewi reisen koishi range 14
Last updated at: July 17 2015, 03:24 PM
File Size: 34.4 MB
Downloads: 862

The final version of my script. This is the version meant to be judged.
-Changed the font (stupid windows 10...)
-Fixed a bunch of bugs, mostly involving replays.
-Darkened the player shots.
-Made the flashbomb slightly bigger.
-The flashbomb no longer turns bullets into points; it just deletes them.
-Spell Practice is fully unlocked from the start.
-Made Koishi's hitbox and bullet hitboxes smaller.
-Modified some pattern's aesthetics.
-Made a few pattern's easier, most notable the final phase of Reisen's final spellcard.

As it turns out, there was a pretty big bug with the replays. Fixed it as well as another smaller bug, and changed Tewi's non a tiny bit. No other changes.
EDIT: SOOOO MANY BUUUUGSSSS... Mostly involving repalys. I may be updating this constantly until the contest. No new content, just bug fixes... How do they keep getting by me?
My entry for RaNGE 14 contest, Reisen Udongein Inaba.
-I decided against making a stage because I don't have the patience for it, but I did add a midboss.
-I (slightly) changed almost all the patterns based on suggestions from various people.
-I added sound effects.
-You now get a bomb for capturing a nonspell, and a life for capturing a spellcard.
-I added an option to set your flashbomb button to C, though personally I still prefer the X button so I left that option in.
-I fixed the replay issue, so you can now keep dialogue on.
-You can still turn on infinite lives in the options menu.

Short of some game breaking bug that I missed, this will be my final version until Sparen's stream.

Please read the credit's file.
I tried to make the difficulty easier this time around, but the key word here is "tried". Easyish is for general use, Harder than Normal is enjoyable for me (I usually play on Lunatic), Overdrive is just the next step in the formula (I didn't test it at all =P).

If you haven't played the Len'En games, be wary of the flashbomb. As you graze bullets, the meter on the side of the screen will fill up. When it's full, use your bomb key while unfocused to activate your flashbomb. Flashbombing does NOT cause you to fail the spell. But be careful; hitting the bomb key while unfocused will do NOTHING if you don't have a full flashbomb meter.

I will be extremely grateful for any suggestions or criticisms, so if you don't like it please PM on MotK (I'm TresserT) me or email me ([email protected]) on how I can improve.