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Author: TresserT
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: white, nue, sagume, len, kishin, tres, tressert, len'en, one-winged, one, winged, heron, en
Last updated at: November 9 2015, 03:31 AM
File Size: 30.8 MB
Downloads: 728

A Sagume script I made. I had a flash of inspiration, so I made it in a relatively short amount of time (why can't that happen during contests?).

So recently I realized, people usually don't play dnh scripts more than once or twice. So if I make my patterns all puzzle-y people are going to think they're cheap or too hard. But don't be discouraged! I won't let that stop me! Since I did this for fun and not a contest, I can make it as puzzle-y and hard as my heart desires. Even if everyone suffers, I really enjoyed making it!

But most of the patterns are reflex based...

Anyway, I tried some new things in this script so please give me a ton of constructive criticism. I really want it. Message me on MotK (I'm tressert) or PM me on skype (I'm tressertressert).

Also, if you're Miransu, please don't hurt me.