Author: Terraformer9x
Category: Shot Definition
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: shotsheet, shot, sheet, shots, shotdata, data, bullet, bullets, etama, ph3sx
Last updated at: July 17 2021, 10:49 AM

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Terra-Shot v1.1 by Terraformer9x!

This is my latest shot sheet, intended to replace my older ZUN-styled after learning some tidbits about how Danmakufu handles bullet rendering. I've unlisted my old shot sheet but if you're still interested in using it for whatever reason, you can find it here:

This is a shot sheet meant to be used for Danmakufu ph3sx by Natashi as it relies on using ph3sx features to work properly. To download Danmakufu ph3sx, please go here:

The shot sheet images can be used in other engines as well however it is the responsibility of the user to port the shot sheet data themselves.

The shot sheet images are free to use NON-COMMERCIALLY. However, if they're used in your project, please credit Terraformer9x for them.

You are free to modify the shot sheets, however, you may NOT redistribute them without the permission of Terraformer9x.

There are two versions of the shot sheet provided.

“TerraShot1x” is meant for 640x480 scripts. (Standard ZUN resolution)
“TerraShot2x” is meant for 1280x960 scripts. (High resolution)

Extract the version you want to an appropriate location in your project and to load them, just include the shot_const.dnh file in your script file. DO NOT EXTRACT AND USE BOTH.

Discord: Terraformer9x#4338
Twitter: @ABoringGuy64

version 1.1:
- Reduced the size of the hitbox for the scale bullet to 2.4. (4.8 for 2x.)
- Reduced the size of the hitbox for the bill bullet to 2.8. (5.6 for 2x.)