Author: Team Dreamcatcher
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: fangame, western, 6 stages
Last updated at: July 16 2017, 11:45 AM

File Size: 152 MB
Downloads: 4329

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Full 6 Stage Script with Custom fanmade characters, music and 3 Extra stages.

Playable Characters:
Reimu, Marisa, Sanae

Reimus Story:
Reimu just wanted to relax at her shrine. It's a hot summer day. But there are a lot of fairies flying around, being annoying. Something weird is going on. A giant shadow over Eientei, a weakened Border, this could be the most dangerous incident Gensokyo has ever faced.

Scripting: Eredom
Character Art: Moonturret
Music: Abner

This game will not be as good as IDO scripts. This game will not be as good as some of the other scripts on this page. But it was created by some fans who wanted to create their own fangame. And hey, it's free :3 More stuff to dodge :3 Just don't expect super effects because we're all new to fangame making.

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1.0b Patchnotes
-Fixed minor issue in which bosses past stage 4 teleported to their position after dialogue ends instead of moving there smoothly
-Fixed laser fairies in Phantasm continuing laser noises after leaving the screen
-Added SFX to the Phantasm midboss' spells
-Fixed positioning of SanaeA's bomb circles

1.0c Patchnotes
- Fixed a major issue in the replay functionality where the replay would display highscores and history of the A Shot even if you picked the B Shot
- Fixed an issue with Heaven Mode where some specific files would not load correctly
- Added Team Name and Twitter Link to Staff Roll