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Author: Supreme Gamesmaster Yddisac
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: 0.12m
Tags: touhou, original, old, revelation, of, procella, clone, unfinished, terrible, first script
Last updated at: July 26 2016, 07:04 PM
File Size: 17.2 MB
Downloads: 1103

Hooooooooly crap this is old.

Revelation of Procella is an original game with character designs by members of another forum I used to frequent. Unfortunately - and I can say this now, 'cuz I don't attend that forum anymore - a lot of those character designs suck. Speaking of sucking, this script. It was my first time navigating Danmakufu and it shows. If you're downloading it these days, well, I hope you can salvage some enjoyment from it.

Abandoned at version: 0.12
>ALL boss Spell Cards (er, Artes)
>All boss non-spells except Dendra Lagasa on non-Normal difficulties
>Four players who support an item system
>Stages 1-3 completed on Normal
>Boss Rush mode completed on Normal
>All songs written except Stage 5, Emily's theme, and Procella's theme (see: bgm.rar; Extra Stage theme wasn't enclosed because it was lonely)
>Screenshots available of ALL Artes
>Options easily configured in config.txt
>Manual complete except for Creator Comments
>Save data present for things like Last Words and the Extra Stage, though none of those are done yet
Known bugs:
>"Clash of Souls" doesn't delete Emily A's homing shots properly, so if you're constantly shooting to rack up points, beware of EPIC LAG. The others are fine, for whatever reason.
>The game may lag as it continues -- I fixed an error in memory loading that caused a lot of it, but beware anyway.
>There's a freaky bug on Stage 6 where it might start spawning enemies above the top of the screen long after the wave has ended. I have no idea how it happens, and it's only shown up once, but beware.
>And, of course, the game is rather low-quality. Sue me.