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Author: Supreme Gamesmaster Yddisac
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: reimu, marisa, alice, margatroid, flandre, scarlet, patchouli, knowledge, kirisame, nitori, hakurei, kawashiro, marisa kirisame, everyone loves, everyone loves marisa kirisame
Last updated at: July 13 2016, 04:05 PM
File Size: 21.4 MB
Downloads: 1325

Stop me if you've heard this before: Marisa's stealing some books from Patchouli's library. Shocking, I know. But this time, Patchy's enlisted some help. Getting away won't be so easy this time...

This script features:
>Five health bars, each of which is a different boss - Patchouli, Alice, Reimu, Flandre, and Nitori
>An actual story (albeit a very small one)
>Each of the individual patterns freely accessible from the menu
>A plain Marisa boss without any of the fluff
>CONFIG.txt, where you can set up things like volume and activate or deactivate an enemy marker
NOTE: The enemy marker is disabled by default. If you want to turn it on, use CONFIG.txt

This is pretty much the same story as last time: I made a Marisa boss without making a Marisa boss. Marisa's friends are all taking her spell cards for the day, and they each compose one health bar of the fight. In case you don't believe they're really Marisa's cards, or if you just want a straightforward boss fight without the fluff, I've included a "BONUS Marisa Version." That version has all the same patterns, but it's all Marisa, all the time. (Be warned - that version is actually a bit harder, since almost all of her bullets are stars, and their hitboxes are a bit tough to track.)

Compared to Everyone Loves Reimu Hakurei, this one turned out a bit easier. Easy is much easier, and Normal is a tad easier once you learn the patterns. Hard and Lunatic are pretty much the same. That said, there are several spell cards with gimmicks that are hard to read the first time through. I've done my best to make everything clear, of course, but I still apologize if you get hit unfairly.

The patterns - me
The story - also me
CTC shot data - Darkness1, danmaq, and technically me since I added the shot data for the yin-yang orbs I guess
Animation library and cutin library - gtbot
The Marisa player included - Lefkada
The music - NKZ
The boss sprites and magic circle sprites - danmaq
The Nitori sprite - kirbio
The cut-in graphics - False English Gentlemen Brigade
The backgrounds - ZUN and danmaq
Touhou in general - ZUN

Obviously if anyone credited here wants me to take stuff down I will :v