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Author: Sparen
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: contest, marisa, reisen, kirisame, udongein, inaba, range, artifact, udonge, sparen, udon
Last updated at: July 15 2018, 09:45 PM
File Size: 26 MB
Downloads: 656

My entry for the RaNGE 19 Contest: Stolen Artifact - Reisen.

Features 3 Nonspells and 4 Nonspells with Marisa Kirisame, and a Reisen Player.
Note: This script is VERY effect heavy and is my first script to ever use render targets. In addition, it uses shaders in about half of the attacks, so please be aware that it is not necessarily going to run at 60 FPS. As a consequence of all of this, the script is very gimmicky and at times may feel more like a render target showcase than a Marisa + Lunatic Gun script.


RC-5: High scores should now be visible when playing game (does not break replays from RC-4)
RC-6: Fixes main menu allowing you to scroll to nonexistent difficulties; fixed Reisen's name on player select showing up as boxes because WINDOWS DOESN'T PROVIDE A DEFAULT JAPANESE FONT. Does not break replays from RC-4 and RC-5.