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Author: Sparen
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: troll
Last updated at: November 6 2014, 02:56 AM
File Size: 28.9 MB
Downloads: 1818

EDIT: There's been a slight fix in the issue with Raiko's cut in


My video:

(The one linked under 'video' is Ozzy's, the blind (and undeniably hilarious) run)


NOTE: I will not post my solution (or well... partial solution) guide of the script until I see blind runs on Youtube. The purpose is to prevent spoiling too much of the script.

This is my entry for the LOCAA 6 contest, hosted by Infinite Ultima Wave in the Land of Codes and Apertures (not actually, but... sort of I guess? The question is whether or not LOCAA is an actual place and can therefore hold a being, even if it-)

Whoops. Went on a philosophical ramble there. Here's the devel thread for more information.,13738.msg1115353.html#msg1115353

Well, play it, enjoy, laugh. There's a ReadMe, a Solution Manual for those who can't dodge the sheer amount of crap I've thrown at them, and a few extras.

This project is not meant to humiliate, insult, or in any way degrade any of those who are featured. This content of this script is not meant to be taken seriously. Please do not publicly or privately degrade any of those featured or exaggerate the points featured in this script to the point that those featured feel more uncomfortable than necessary.

Please do not take any resources from this project without permission. This includes but is not limited to code and graphics. The reason is because I put a HELL lot of effort into this script and I do not want to see someone stealing the code and making an abomination out of it. Especially since the names of other scripters in the Danmakufu community are attached to the attacks. Please do not harass or make fun of those featured, and please make sure that AJS doesn't win. XD