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Author: Sparen
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: kogasa, utsuho, nitori, kawashiro, reiuji, tatara, locaa, raiko, horikawa
Last updated at: January 12 2014, 06:20 PM
File Size: 15.4 MB
Downloads: 1039

This is my entry for the LOCAA4 contest and is my first script in ph3.

This script comes with my Kogasa-Utsuho players, and features both Raiko and Nitori.

Please use ph3 [.0 pre23] or higher for this script. This script will NOT work on pre22 or lower due to the All-Stars Shotsheet being used.

This update brings completed compatibility with ph3 [.1 pre2] and fixes aesthetic bugs that 1.02 had.

Please PM all bugs to me on MotK or the Moriya Shrine Forums. If you really need to, comment the bug on Youtube (last resort please)

-AllStarShot.dnh: Ozzy/ExPorygon
-Cutin.h: GTBot
-Function_CurvyLaser: Ozzy/ExPorygon
-ZUNShot.txt: OzzyExporygon
-Player based on GTBot's MedicineA
-Single skeletons based on Maths ~Angelic Version~ and TalosMistake's structures
-Difficulty and Effect select code adapted from GTBot's Rumia script

Thanks to Talos, Ultima, GTBot, Ozzy/ExPorygon, and Miransu for help with ph3.