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Author: Sparen
Category: Player
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: eleburstyr, shapes, artistry, sparen, elemental, bullet, script, hell, player
Last updated at: September 7 2019, 10:33 PM
File Size: 380 KB
Downloads: 212

This is my Eleburstyr Player Script, the player script used in my Bullet Hell Artistry contest entry. It's an elemental familiar with the following attributes:

1. Rotating Shottype
Shottype rotates between four elements based on time. Fire is a standard forward focus shot, Water is a wide spread shot dealing very high point blank damage, Wind/Air is a pseudo-homing shot where shots underneath or above an enemy rocket towards them and do extra damage, and Earth is a forward burst shot type where occasional burst shots deal much of the damage

2. Basic Bomb
Eleburstyr has 4 bombs by default. These only clear bullets in a wide radius, and do not do any damage

- Eleburstyr is a player that is HIGHLY dependent on enemy position. The player has NOT been tested on stage scripts, and does extremely poorly on bosses that like to move around juuuust a little but very frequently
- Eleburstyr has been equipped with backwards shots due to some gimmicks I added near the end of my contest entry

Please report bugs to me via MotK or Discord. My Discord Server can be reached via