This Dumboss... v2.0

Shiro published on

danmakufu plural boss 0.12 shiro hooray woot

0.12m Plural 767


Recreated the project because i didnt find a way to upload the "new" script =]

Last stats were:
• Total win - 1
• Total fail - 5

Things corrected/changed in V.2:

○ HUGE FAIL: I forgot to change the folder name - GENIUS -
• Both survival cards were shortened.
• "Divine Weapon 'Astral Walker' " is not soooooo random anymore and had it HP reduced.
• 'Fossilized Curse" is now kinda easier to beat.
• Removed "Bloody Heaven" from the fight: now it comes as a bonus fail-test card!
• Renamed "Mind Sign 'Mind Distortion' " to "Machinery 'Merry-go-round Mechanics' ", although it is not a realistic merry-go-round :P
• The last two non-spells - that were Koishi-ish - were changed into brand new crazy - and sucky - ideas.
• First spellcard "Endless Nightmare" has changed a lot.
• ALL the bomb resistance of non-spells were REMOVED, thanks to Victini observations. [TYVM bro *brofist*]
• Changed the colours of "Sixth Sense" and the rings are less denser.
• Some non-spells were changed a little.
• I think there are more that I cannot remember :D

Just a fast edit: I'm trying to gather more ideas to improve some cards, but I'm kinda busy playing another games :P