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Author: Ryann1908
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: tds, aojt, bhe, luastg, stage
Last updated at: February 6 2021, 04:40 PM
File Size: 223 MB
Downloads: 260

東方闉塔得 ~ Ashes of Jeweled Treasures. (NOT DNH, but rather LuaSTG)

This is a fangame/short script created for the Bullet Hell Artistry #2 event in the Bullet Hell Engines Discord server. The theme of the BHE event was to get two characters with little to no relation between themselves and create a boss fight for them. I personally also created a stage and other things to accompany it.

For my personal opinion regarding the outcome of this game, it's absolutely nothing like I initially imagined it to be like.
I had to scrap many things due to real life issues and overall busyness, however I managed to get some aspects that I
wanted in the game in. It might be a bit unbalanced, I'd say, since I didn't have a lot of time to take care of that. Some
effects may also affect the game's performance, I beg you pardon for that, as my optimization skills couldn't be put into
practice in this. However, things will be mostly fine for the most part, even if you have a very low end computer.
Although, I don't guarantee replays to work.

Together with this file, I bundled three other things. The game, a redistribution package of Visual C++ runtime programs,
and a Credits file.
If your game crashes when loading, please try installing said runtime program.

How to run the game:
First, you must get LuaSTG Ex Plus 0.82b, you can download it in this link:
After you download it, please put the "Ashes of Jeweled" archive that is right beside this file that you're reading inside of the folder "mod" inside the folder "game" of the >LuaSTG package< you downloaded. Simply open "LuaSTGPlus.exe" inside the "game" folder (before "mod"), select your settings and username, then play the game.

In case you have any questions, please message me either at Discord (@Hiro#2243) or Twitter (@RyannThi).
Alternatively, you could join the Bullet Hell Engines Discord server, as I am very active in there:

Thank you very much for reading and playing, I hope you had/have a jackpot experience.