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Author: Python
Category: Player
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: len'en, wilhelm, von, clausewitz, halcyon, hisuimaru, gravity
Last updated at: October 14 2017, 04:17 PM
File Size: 2.62 MB
Downloads: 802

A wonderful "script" for mkm's so-called Touhou Danmakufu ph3 "bullet hell" engine that allows one to gain "control" of the Eternal Senselessness Bearing the Alias of "Chaos" Who Manipulates Gravity at Will - Wilhelm von Clausewitz Halcyon HISUIMARU.

The "shot type" is a wide-spread "wavering" shot not unlike that of Yabusame, with four "options" that orbit around Clause when unfocused, and around a "point" in front of Clause when "focused".

A flash gauge is "displayed" underneath the player. It will fill by "grazing" bullets. By pressing the so-called "C button" on your keyboard when it is "full", you may unleash the power of "gravity" upon your "foes" by means of the so-called flashbomb, Schwarzwald. It pushes any and all "projectiles" directly away from you.

You can further "channel" the power of "gravity" by pushing this wonderful "X button" located directly to the "left" of your "C button". This will trigger your "bomb", Super Hyper Nova. A massive gravitational "pull" will gather any and all enemy projectiles in a specific "point" on the playing field. To be "precise", the X-coordinate of this "point" is the same as Clause's, while the "Y coordinate" is the middle of the field. Once all projectiles are "gathered", they will be fired in a "burst" that "fans out" and is "angled" directly away from Clause.