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Author: Python
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: len'en, lenen, suzumi, poker, gambling, minigame, a, xeno
Last updated at: September 21 2018, 02:21 PM
File Size: 69.5 MB
Downloads: 790

A tiny tiny game and quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever created in Danmakufu (bar Clownpiece.mp4 because that wasn't even a game anymore). It was more a challenge to myself to see if I could do it, and although a friend of mine helped me out a bit with one thing, I think I'm still kinda proud of this.

This is a simulation of a classic five-card Poker game where your opponent is none other than Len'en's very own RNGsus Xeno a. You draw five cards, and can ditch any number of cards once while also betting between one and ten coins. You'll win or lose coins depending on the difference in power between your and Xeno a's hands. A more detailed description is provided in-game.

Your score is saved between sessions, so you can continue gambling whenever you feel like it. I was planning on including statistics which you can access through the pause menu, but I'll probably do that in a future update, if at all, given that people seldom update things like these after playing them once.

Still, it exists and maybe you'll remember those days of playing in Luigi's casino on your Nintendo DS, raging like a madman at the unfair RNG.

And don't forget, gamble responsibly and don't lose everything!

Tampered with RNG

Initial release