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Author: Python
Category: Plural
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: allies, unlikely, bha, artistry, bullet, hell, lolk, ddc, kishin, sagume, kijin, seija
Last updated at: September 5 2020, 08:26 PM
File Size: 34.1 MB
Downloads: 331

!!! This script was made in Natashi's ph3sx, which comes packaged with the script. Use this executable when playing this script !!!
!!! This script may not run correctly in older versions of ph3sx !!!
!!! This script will not run in native ph3 or WishMakers' ph3 Woo Edition !!!

Note: if you get an error about a file named "EffectLib.dnh" that allegedly can't be opened, close and restart the executable. This sometimes happens after playing the script once, and could be tied to the engine or trashy anti-virus programs acting up.

This here is my entry to the Bullet Hell Artistry 2 contest, titled "Unlikely Allies". The theme of this contest revolves around pairs of characters that have never met in canon, yet share some kind of similarity in their ability or story or design. I decided to make a script featuring Seija and Sagume, since they both have abilities themed around reversal and since Ame-no-Sagume is heavily considered to be the folklore origin of the amanojaku.

This script features three nonspells and four spells across four difficulties. I tried my best to make Easy, Normal and Hard tolerable. Lunatic is...another story. Best to disregard that during contest judging.

Additionally, I've added a spell practice system much like the one present in Augusta Iaponicorum. The spells are quite tricky considering the characters, hence I felt it was necessary to be able to easily practice any pattern. With a little bit of tenacity I believe it should be possible to comfortably capture every pattern on all difficulties (again, no guarantee for Lunatic, but it shouldn't be harder than the Lunatic modes of my past scripts, hahaha...ha).

- v1.02b -
- added missing text files, no changes to the script itself

- v1.02a -
- increased the power of Reisen's everything a bit
- fixed a bug where Ringo's bomb would not delete enemy shots
- updated executables to include a legacy version for engineered potato batteries

- v1.01a -
- changed the spell background to use Natashi's vertex shader; hopefully reduces lag
- removed redundant code in the item script to reduce lag
- reduced health of the first nonspell
- increased firepower of Reimu/Aunn
- added Marisa/Narumi, Youmu/Urumi from AI as playable teams, as well as Cirno/Eternity and Reisen/Ringo as completely new playables. According to my testing, all players are viable, though some have an easier time than others. Practice accordingly!

- v1.00a -
Initial release

Character art: dairi
Player sprites: DD, some frankenspriting on my part
Boss sprites: ZUN
GFX: ZUN, JynX, ExPorygon
ph3sx engine: Natashi