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Author: Python
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: keine, fujiwara, mokou, fire, phoenix, range 14, mesh background
Last updated at: July 19 2015, 04:47 PM
File Size: 36.1 MB
Downloads: 1005

This is my entry for the 14th contest of RaNGE, Popular Popularity held by PhantomSong. The goal of that contest is to create a script with 3 to 6 spellcards featuring one of the top 30 characters from the recent Touhou popularity poll. I chose Mokou, with Keine as the midboss.

There are two difficulties (as with my Artifact 3 entry (will that contest ever be judged?)), Normal mode and Hard mode. Both difficulties however, share the final spell. There are five spell cards and four non-spells used by the boss and one spell card and two nonspells used by the midboss.

Feedback is highly appreciated and I hope you'll enjoy this script.

WARNING: May take a while to load because of the dialogue images.

--- CREDITS ---

ZUN, dairi for graphics
Ozzy/ExPorygon, Sparen for shot sheet
GTBot for cutin function
Ozzy/ExPorygon for dialogue functions
Neito, Ozzy/ExPorygon, AJS, Sparen for functions

Stage music is from Concealed the Conclusion, boss music from Touhou Sengoku


1.1 - Fixed one bug. Changed midboss spell and boss spells 2 and 5 a bit. Spell 1 completely redone.
1.0 - Initial release