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Author: Python
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: seasons, star, in, hidden, four, spice, seasonings, bootleg, okina, matara, ryoumika, soukun
Last updated at: November 14 2019, 07:38 PM
File Size: 71.3 MB
Downloads: 1349

Touhou Tenkasou ~ Hidden Spice in Four Seasonings (Eastern Sky Jewel Hearth) is the seventeenth official installment in the Shrines & Youkai Project. It was announced by Python on the Discord Server on September 15th 2017. The full version of the incident was hosted on September 16th 2017 with the initial run concluding on September 24th 2017. The Extra Stage was hosted on September 29th 2017 and concluded September 30th 2017.

This script is an STG version of the final stage, featuring one of the more prominent players of the initial run: Agent. It is also an entry to the Shrines & Youkai Script Festival, a contest where you would create a script featuring one of your own characters from the game.

As of v1.10a, an Extra stage has been appended to the script. Just select the Extra difficulty in the menu to play the Extra Stage. Additionally, a new playable character has been added for those that dislike Agent's slow speed.

☯ Gameplay
Gameplay is similar to the original source, Hidden Star in Four Seasons. Damaging enemies and grazing bullets yields seasoning items that power your seasoning gauge. For every multiple of 100, you gain an extra option, up to six options. You can perform a Seasoning Release by pressing C. Note that the seasonings may slightly differ from the original seasons.

☯ Story
The taste has been stolen from Gensokyo. Everything tastes exactly the same: bland, like absolutely nothing. It doesn't matter if it's mochi, chocolate, pumpkins, or lemons; all food is the same, differing only in appearance. Gather lingering seasoning energy and restore the flavors of Gensokyo!

☯ Changelog
v1.00a - Initial release

v1.10a - Extra release, new player character, updates to stage 6 boss, various bug fixes

v1.10b - Fixed a bug where Robin's speed would decrease dramatically after using the Bitter Release

☯ Credits
"The Sky Where Sugar Grains Rill Down" - composed by RickyRister, referencing a MIDI by Williatico, based on an original by ZUN
"Into Kitchen" - composed by Tamashii, based on an original by ZUN
"The Concealed Four Seasonings" - composed by Tamashii, based on an original by ZUN
"No More Ordering Stale Meals" - composed by Dragon Zwei, based on an original by ZUN
"Kitchen God Zao Jun ~ Hidden Spice in All Seasonings" - composed by Dragon Zwei, based on an original by ZUN
Character art by Agent
Boss sprites by Terraformer9x & Gizmo The Dragon