Author: Python
Category: Full Game
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: marketeers, unconnected, marketeer, connected, least, s&y, sny, festival, script, youkai, and, shrines, touhou
Last updated at: October 5 2021, 05:43 PM

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From the creators of Hidden Spice in Four Seasonings in 2018, Augusta Iaponicorum in 2019 and lint in my pocket in 2020, I present to you the next installment in the series of Shrines & Youkai Script Festival scripts produced by Python:

Introducing Least Connected Marketeer! Play as Megumu, Chimata or Misumaru to hunt down a mysterious adversary that seeks to monopolize the Ability Cards for themselves, preventing the incident from reaching its true conclusion.

☯ Features
- Three different players, four difficulties, one challenging stage! Face off against the Least Connected Marketeer and her Slightly More Connected Not-Marketeer in a final-boss length battle!
- The return of UM's Ability Card system, with 25 unique cards to collect for their power and cherish for their illustrations drawn by Junky and Lobby!
- A profoundly groovy soundtrack courtesy of Spooderboi!
- A fucking package (ooh)! With a real main menu (ooooohhh)! Listen to that profoundly groovy soundtrack in the Music Room for hours (OOOOOOHHHHH)!
- HD resolution!
- Secret bonus goodies for the real completionists!

As always, I can only hope that our hard work is to your liking. Please do your best and enjoy yourself. One warning I would like to give though: given the complex nature of the Ability Card system, there is a - sufficiently small, so I hope - chance that your replay may desync. I haven't been able to determine the last cause(s) for desyncs, but it should be an unlikely scenario. I'm very, very sorry for this.

With all that out of the way, let's raise the curtain fire and let the show begin once again!

Check out the OST here:

☯ Changelog
- fixed a rare crash when a shop is called
- fixed a bug where effect cut affected the display of spell backgrounds
- fixed a bug where effect cut did not affect some things it should have
- fixed a bug where you could gain extends during spell practice
- fixed a bug where score could be not a multiple of 10 when using the Prophetic Shades
- fixed a bug where archived textures were not actually being preloaded
- mapped quick retry to ESC+R in addition to the already existing BACKSPACE during gameplay
- added a faint indicator to Chimata's aura when the bomb is active
- [Hotfix 1] fixed a bug where One-Punch Haniwa crashed the game on the highest effect cut setting

- Initial release