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Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: stage, extra, script, s&y, augusta, iaponicorum, festival
Last updated at: August 14 2019, 01:07 PM

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This script is an entry to the 2019 Shrines & Youkai Script Festival. Nobody likes long paragraphs, so time for bullet points! Or danmaku points, I guess? (hah)

☯ Features
- Three different player teams fashioned in the style of IN!
- Three difficulties nestled somewhere between Easy and Normal, Normal and Hard, and Hard and Lunatic respectively!
- A lengthy Extra Stage and a boss with 8 nons and 10 spells!
- Customizable starting resources as always! Infinite bombs finally work properly now as well.
- A chapter-based resource system! Each boss attack is a chapter, and the stage itself is divided into 14 chapters. Not bombing during a chapter awards you a bomb piece, not dying awards you a life piece. Five pieces make one extra resource!
- A chapter practice option! Set difficulty and starting resources, choose any chapter from the script as you like AND select how many rounds you'd like to practice! The chapter will loop accordingly, so no time is lost due to restarting the same attack over and over!
- Incredible 3D landscapes conjured up by Banana!
- A unique stage theme, a heart-stopping boss theme and a staff roll theme to round off your journey, all composed by the one and only Tokiko Tatsunagi!
- Charming ZUN-style art brought to you by KoishiKo!

Like any Extra Stage, much of the stage portion requires memorizing ideal routes. Thankfully, unlike any Extra Stage, you can play this script however you like! Whether you just want to experience it just once and be over with it, using infinite resources, or whether you want to challenge yourself and get that sweet NMNB, it's all up to you!

I hope the many different options I have provided will ensure that this script is fun for everybody. You just have to give it a chance to do that.

☯ Story
A summer day as any in Gensokyo. Hot, muggy - the type of weather that dries up any little creek of motivation to do anything meaningful. And the Hakurei Shrine, its new guardian was causing a commotion. A commotion over something that Reimu didn't want to deal with, but knew she had to anyway. A new religious site? In the village? That appeared over night? She really couldn't afford any more competition in that area.
Meanwhile in the Forest of Magic, the temperature was much cooler due to the natural shade, but the air was still just as oppressive. Such is the nature of magic miasma. But among all this magic, a certain stone-born magician sensed another sort of energy. Something magical, yet...different. She went to tell another magician about her strange feeling, and the two decided to set out and investigate.
In the Netherworld, the cold spirits naturally cooled down the air around them. Summer - or any season for that matter - didn't quite reach here. So for the Netherworld's gardener, this was a work day as any. This time however, her mistress had a different mission for her. To seek out a youkai, and head to the Human Village with it - a suicide operation? No, the mistress knew what she was doing. Something had messed terribly with one of Gensokyo's most integral boundaries, and it was of utmost importance that both humans and youkai would learn about it.

☯ Character Profile

☯ Changelog
- Fixed a bug where the font used in the spell card name couldn't be read by Danmakufu. I had to replace it entirely. Hopefully nothing else broke.

- Fixed a bug where Youmu's options lingered during the staff roll.

- Initial release