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Author: Python
Category: Stage
Danmakufu Version: ph3
Tags: sakuya, contest, 12, 3, yukari, yakumo, izayoi, locaa, artifact, ran, pocket, watch
Last updated at: November 10 2018, 01:27 PM
File Size: 33.5 MB
Downloads: 582

This is my entry to the LOCAA 12 contest hosted by Trickysticks, wherein the goal was to remake one of your old scripts as if you had made it today, with all the new things you've learned. And I dare say I have learned a lot throughout the 30-something scripts I have released, and many many more than wound up never seeing the light of day. Thus, I've aimed to put it all to the test and this is the result.

This script is a remake of my Artifact 3 entry released in January of 2015, to be found here:

I had to abide by the rules of that contest as well, else it wouldn't be a true remake. The goal was to create a boss battle featuring Sakuya's time manipulation, without actually using Sakuya. I tried to stick as close to the original source's presentation and danmaku as possible while still making this script as fresh and as beautiful as my abilities allow it. Please, play both scripts so you can see the improvements for yourself.